London Club Photos September 29, 2010

Richard Wakefield wrote:

Thought you might like to see these.  We had a grand open house last weekend, part of a city wide open doors tour.  We came in #2, 1811 people in two days.  Great success, people loved the layout.  Almost no glitches except on the last day one of the lift bridges failed and we could not drop it.  Had to manually lower it and not raise it.

 Here are some photos of the engine facilities I did.  The turntable is all scratch built, including the pump/wheel drive assembly.  All from evergreen plastic.  It's a CPR 70' style, the one that was at Orangeville.  The doors to the roundhouse were also scratch built.  So was the Snow coal tower.  Same as the one at Orangeville. (all long gone of course)

All I have left to do is the rest of the roundhouse.  It's going to have full interior detail including a fully loaded machine shop, bunk house and yard office.






Bruce Subdivision